Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend and took a few moments out to celebrate WHY we had a 3 day weekend. MLK day. I wish there were more days where we could celebrate the accomplishments and lives of influential black people. There should be a Harriet Tubman day or a Sojourner Truth day or a Cinque day! But alas, we must celebrate this people daily even if it isn't commercialized. Recently I saw a video of MLK but not one of him making any influential speeches. He was just being Martin, making jokes and showing that he has many faces to him. It was really refreshing. I love seeing pictures of him just having fun. I also really love the sound of his voice. Idk it's so soothing to me. If I had been his kid I would've BEGGED for him to read me a bedtime story even if it was like, 4 in the afternoon, srsly. I wanna make sure my son knows who MLK was and many other influential people.

I think in this day and age we tend to forget how much these people sacrificed so that we could get to where we are. To a certain extent we have fulfilled some of his vision (and many others) but we still have a long road ahead of us! Racism is definitely still here and just because people aren't getting sprayed with water hoses or being told to sit in the back of the bus doesn't mean that people aren't still filled with hatred and prejudice. It's sad and it's scary for me even more so now because I'm bringin my son into this. But, I will do my very best to teach him and guide him. Awareness is key. That goes for all children. I see so many kids and their parents are just idiots.

For example many mornings I eat breakfast and see this chick. For some reason her hair is always done but her daughter always looks like shyt. Um, no, bitch your kid should always come first. Id rather look like shyt than have my baby look like no. Then on top of that this bitch is wearing headphones while her and her daughter are eating! Are you 12? THEN this chickenhead starts rappin all this hardcore shyt to her daughter. In my head I'm like, "THIS bitch..." I HATE parents like that. I have literally been taking mental notes of the parent I DON'T want to be.

My child WILL stay lookin' fresh at all times. He is #1 and forget about anyone else. He WILL be disciplined accordingly and he will most certainly know his place (I'm sorry but there are too many kids out here talkin wreckless and that is just unacceptable behavior). I will make sure that he is aware of who he is and that he isn't "better" than anyone else because of his skin tone, physical features or anything else but I will make sure that he knows he's special for more concrete reasons.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hi guys,
Hope everyone's week is going well! So, my baby showers are rapidly approaching. One of my very best friends is throwing me one in Maine and the theme of it is going to be the movie "Waitress" which involves cuteness, pregnancy and my favorite: PIE! Her and her amazing mother have planned this extravaganza and they're even making me a waitress apron which is extra exciting! This will take place in march so I could possibly be as big as a house by then hahah! Right now though I literally have at least one person comment on how "tiny" I am EVERYDAY! It's ok I guess but 1. It's the equivalent of people constantly rubbin my belly whenever they feel like it and/or 2. People probably assume I party a little too hard and now have a major pooch/gut. But in the long run I'm def happy I haven't blown up like a beached whale as well as knowing that my son is growing at the rate he's supposed to be. Baller.

So this morning I read yesterday's horoscope. I thought i'd share: Aries Jan 11 2012
You are standing on the precipice of a big change, Aries. You are not afraid of change, but you could be a bit nervous about where this new path will lead you. You know it's time to move beyond what you have accepted in your life - you want more for yourself and for your loved ones too. You could be apprehensive because you may have had more than your fair share of difficulties toward the end of 2011. But your outlook is far better than you realize. Embrace the changes you face, because they will bring you to a happier, more stable place.
Fuckin NUTS because yesterday I definitely got a call from my case worker informing me that my housing voucher is ready for pick up and that I will be in an apartment by next month! Just in time for my Boston baby shower which is going to be so exciting because 1. Kollin and his family will be meeting my family for the first time 2. Wendy (my stepmom) is an amazing party planner 3. Ill be surrounded by awesome people anddd I get to wear this new bubble skirt I got for cheapy cheap at my favoritest store in Maine called "Marden's". P sure everyone should go there at least once in their life jussayin.

I've been thinking about all the things I want in my apt and all the images I wanna surround my baby with. First things first, I will definitely have a picture of Princess Diana and Lucille Ball in my house. But I would also like some beautiful images of Costa Rica, influential black figures, native american figures etc. I just remember being a little kid and seeing all the awesome pictures my dad had on the wall. I loved that and the smell of incense constatly burning (his hippie genes have mos def been passed down).

This week two friends of mine had their baby (as well as Beyonce hahah) and so I'm getting even morrrre excited for my BamBam! He's been givin me crazy heartburn and I finally realized that he clearly doesn't approve of anything with marinara in it (which is fine with me). This morning I was thinking about how much family he's gonna have. Even though my biological mom isn't here (I think about that often especially now that I'm having my first child which is a boy which is what she first had) I have three wonderful mother figures who love me and that is such a blessing. I have Wendy my step mom, Susan my adopted mom and Eloisa my west coast mom...beautiful, strong and influential women who have shaped me into the person I am today and I'm soooo excited for my son to meet them. All his friends will be jealous cuz he has FOUR (including kollin's mom) instead of 2 :-)! Also all his aunts and uncles! Like, my best friend Jovy (Eloisa's son). He's great with kids and I know he'll be baller with mine.

Oh, so yesterday my adorable friend Courtney showed me a letter she got from her adorable boyfriend Andrew which said "tell Imani good luck with her baby!" Cutest thing EVER! I died.

Well, today is the day I pick up my voucher and get all the info I need to finally get my apt. I've whittled it down to two different ones close to my parentals because I'm not ashamed to say that I enjoy living close to them especially because I spent almost 3 years away. I cherish that shyt! Both places have a pool and a gym. I don't really care about that but it's mos def a plus. The rooms are big and the kitchens are spacious and I'm all for that! Also now two of my bffs Alfine and Jill can now come visit! Alfine is bam's godmother who lives in Maine. Jill lives in Va and I'm her son tucker's godmother.  We haven't seen eachother in over 2 years and therefore I have never physically held Tucky :-( but that's allll about to change. I will probably weep with joy upon seeing her beautiful freckled face hahah!

As always, here's some pics. The first one is of my Jilleesa and her baller freckles (I miss her so much). The second one is of adorable tucker. I can't wait to squeeze his cheeks and love him up.

Have a great day all
Ciao ciao,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, 2012 has finally approached! So I'm sure there's tons of people who have new years resolution that probably won't last past January haha! I think this year is going to be full of excitement and new opportunities! Man, I'm going to have a son pretty soon (dauntinnnnng). My friend is already 8 1/2 months and it seems like just yesterday Tom told me that she was pregnant! I'm already six months! Aaah! So nuts.

Anywho, I have a new obsession which is nail polish specifically OPI (they just have sooo many colors!) and just last week I learned how to "marble" nails. So of course I went on this rampage trying to perfect it. The thing about this technique is that every finger is like a snowflake and you will never have two fingers that are alike (besides color). I personally think there's pros and cons to that. A pro being that every finger is different and it's always interesting to see what design will manifest itself on your finger. The con being every finger is different and you may REALLY like one specific finger but you'll never be able to duplicate it (unless you're super good...which is not me haha). As I'm going along I'm learning different tips and tricks. For example, use room temp or cold water for dipping. Put vaseline or an oil base around your fingernail making sure not to get any on the actual fingernail. You have to make the bullseye pattern with at least 5 or 6 rings or you won't see shyt (learned that the hard way). You must be expeditious while doin the whole thing or the polish will dry and then you can't make a design and then you've defeated the whole purpose of the whole thing. And lastly I think it's best to use 2-3 colors. I just redid my nails and I used gray, lavenderr, silver and turquoise and I just wasn't pleased with the overrall outcome. It just looks sloppy to me. From now on 3 colors is my limit.  The first 3 pics are of good examples, id say one being of the first marbling I ever had done. The second is one I did on Friday and the other is of my friend Tinas that I did for her for new year's (she had a red and black outfit). I wish I had photographed the one I did for my sister this weekend but ah, such is life. The last one is slop city...definitely redoing them tomorrow. Hopefully it will be exponentially better.

This weekend I went back to the 207 (for all that are confused that's Maine's area code. Yes, we only have one). I spent a lot of time with my sister and my nephew which was really great because...well, it just is! I just love being around them and just hangin out. That's exactly what I did for new year's too, hung out. I didn't even stay awake for the ball to drop! I guess it didn't really matter either cuz Kollin isn't even here. I wish we could have spent new year's together but that's life, right? I still had fun in my own pregnant way haha!

I also got to see my best friend of 13 years (fuckin nuts, I still can't believe that shyt) and my son's godmother. She made me this spectacular carrot ginger soup and we watched youtube videos and looked at pretentious baby blogs as well as the cute hipster ones. As I was heading out her parents were coming in! I was hoping to see them since I haven't seen them in YEARS! Her mom is a freakin riot! I call her the queen because if you knew her you'd be like, "YES!" She's so outspoken and her accent makes it even better. She told me that labor/delivery is easy...if you can shyt you can deliver a baby so there is no need to fear! It's crazy to see Alfine (my best friend) in comparison to her parents. So different, it's wild! But always makes for good stories at the end of the day. It was really good to see her. She always looks so fabulous but it always looks so effortless. And I'm like "gaaaah she's so fab!" I always feel like a bumbum. But here's some crazy shyt...she looks at ME that way! Always being like, "oh I wish I could've gotten my Imani courage" and I'm always taken aback since I always feel awkward, shy, anxious etc. I guess I put up a good front but it's crazy how we view eachother after so many years of being best friends. It's also crazy how we've maintained such a strong bond despite our distance. I knew as soon as I found out that I was pregnant that without a doubt she'd be the godmother. Heck YES id leave my baby with her if it came down to it. I know that he'd grow up to be an upstanding human being cuz I have learned sososo much from her and at times am like "omg why can't I be like her!" I bet if she read this she'd be like, "what!? Shutup! I'm not even like that!" What's awesome about her is that she has no idea how awesome she is and also how much her presence has impacted my life in such a tremendously awesome way. I feel as though I owe her so much and honestly I'm super pumped that my son will have her as his godmother! Eeeep! Just thinkin about it gets me so excited haha!

I'm a little vexed because my darling son is giving me heartburn right now so I truly hope that the old wives tale is right and that he will have a headful of hair! He better be the male rapunzel, srsly. I hope he has a big curly fro that would make me so happy. Truly I don't care what kind of anything he has. I'm just dying to meet him and see what he's like. I do know that I'm obsessed with him already and I hope that he will love me just as much (think Gemma Teller and Jax from Sons Of Anarchy). I'm also super pumped to dress him in cute stuff like baby supras, sweater vests, fitted jeans and cardigans etc. So many awesome things in store! I feel like we're gonna have tons of cool adventures and see the world together! Actually I KNOW that's gonna happen:-)!

Anywho, it's late, I have school and I'm sure I'll regret my nightowlery (yep, just made that up) tomorrow morning.

Ps I kind of got sidetracked looking at that website earlier in this post. First of all, the girl has the "rainbow connection" muppets color that I so thoroughly desire. Second, she has a nail polish collection that is absolutely to die for! So jeal. I love love love cosmetic collections like that. If you guys get the chance check that shyt out! Pretty epic...it got me excited that for sure!