Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hope everyone had a good 3 day weekend and took a few moments out to celebrate WHY we had a 3 day weekend. MLK day. I wish there were more days where we could celebrate the accomplishments and lives of influential black people. There should be a Harriet Tubman day or a Sojourner Truth day or a Cinque day! But alas, we must celebrate this people daily even if it isn't commercialized. Recently I saw a video of MLK but not one of him making any influential speeches. He was just being Martin, making jokes and showing that he has many faces to him. It was really refreshing. I love seeing pictures of him just having fun. I also really love the sound of his voice. Idk it's so soothing to me. If I had been his kid I would've BEGGED for him to read me a bedtime story even if it was like, 4 in the afternoon, srsly. I wanna make sure my son knows who MLK was and many other influential people.

I think in this day and age we tend to forget how much these people sacrificed so that we could get to where we are. To a certain extent we have fulfilled some of his vision (and many others) but we still have a long road ahead of us! Racism is definitely still here and just because people aren't getting sprayed with water hoses or being told to sit in the back of the bus doesn't mean that people aren't still filled with hatred and prejudice. It's sad and it's scary for me even more so now because I'm bringin my son into this. But, I will do my very best to teach him and guide him. Awareness is key. That goes for all children. I see so many kids and their parents are just idiots.

For example many mornings I eat breakfast and see this chick. For some reason her hair is always done but her daughter always looks like shyt. Um, no, bitch your kid should always come first. Id rather look like shyt than have my baby look like no. Then on top of that this bitch is wearing headphones while her and her daughter are eating! Are you 12? THEN this chickenhead starts rappin all this hardcore shyt to her daughter. In my head I'm like, "THIS bitch..." I HATE parents like that. I have literally been taking mental notes of the parent I DON'T want to be.

My child WILL stay lookin' fresh at all times. He is #1 and forget about anyone else. He WILL be disciplined accordingly and he will most certainly know his place (I'm sorry but there are too many kids out here talkin wreckless and that is just unacceptable behavior). I will make sure that he is aware of who he is and that he isn't "better" than anyone else because of his skin tone, physical features or anything else but I will make sure that he knows he's special for more concrete reasons.

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