Sunday, February 19, 2012


Argh sooo many things have gone on since my last entry (which seems like forever ago)! Last weekend I had my baby shower. The weekend started off pretty rocky (Kollin and his parents getting delayed in Detroit, my grandmother having a dementia filled breakdown, me losing one foot of my shoes I planned on wearing, etc) but once I got in there everything fell into place and I could breathe easy. My stepmom Wendy did such a beautiful job with it. I wanted to be surprised so I really didn't inquire much about how the shower would be. All I knew was that there were ducks, games and a cake that I picked out haha! It was truly more than I could ask for. It was so good to finally see Kollin again. I hadn't seen him since the end of November. I was barely showing. I'm still not as big as people expect for me to be. Sometimes when I ride the train I wish I looked like I had a basketball in my belly so people would feel bad and get the hell up but, then I realize that I DON'T wanna be that big. I take the stairs and walk a lot because I'm afraid I'll blow up. I can't be walkin around with Bam lookin like a beached whale. I wanna be Pilar Sanders sexy hahah! I've been doin well thus far. Only one more month and he will be here, practically. It's always always always on my mind.

Next week, I should be moving into my new apt. which will be very exciting. I can't wait to decorate it, especially Bam's room. Kollin's mom got me "the hungry caterpillar" bedding that I wanted as well as the pictures to go with it so I am soooo elated!

My two good friends Thomas and Veronica just had their beautiful baby girl, Kiya. She is so cute and she just makes me want to meet Bam even more now. I feel like I'm never gonna get any sleep because I will literally just be staring at him in awe. I'm already obsessed with him and he's not here. I love when he kicks or hiccups. It let's me know he's in there and growing by the day. And when he comes he's going to be showered with sooo much love it's gonna be ridiculous. We are so blessed and I really can't say that enough because we truly are.

So, my new obsession are cloth diapers! I've been doing a lot of research on them but I really sealed the deal when I went to "The Diaper Lab" on Saturday in Somerville. OH EM GEE! So many choices. I was in there for an hour even though I told myself I would not buy anything! I did. Three prefolds (what you put into a diaper shell or cloth that you can just make into a diaper like in the olden days) and two diaper shells. I got ones that had red in them for Kollin since that's his favorite color. Anywho there are soooo many different kinds for different purposes and I am really ready to commit to having Bam be an exclusive reusable diaper wearer. Plus, it saves money in the long run and I am ALWAYS down for ballin on a budget.

Alright this post is long enough. Here's some pics.
One of Bam's new diapers and the other is of Kiya Lynn

Ciao ciao, amigitos

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