Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wow I suck at blogging. I should probably make it a personal goal to get better. It's not like it's hard work or anything.

So many things have happened. My son is so large and in charge haha! He's upset with me right now because he doesn't wanna go to bed. They say benadryl is supposed to make you drowsy... Not my baby. Don't worry, people, it was prescribed cuz he had an allergic reaction to another medication for an earache.

Tomorrow night I fly to Michigan for a job interview the following day. I'm nervous but excited. I hope I get it. I have to take a test and I think that's the part that is making me the most nervous but, I will do my very best and stay positive.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Everything seems to be going by so quickly. Soon it'll be March again and bub will be 1!

It's funny how time can go by fast and slow at the same time. It's going fast because it seems like I just had Kyson but also going slow because I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get back from deployment.

Long distance relationships aren't that new to me but this one, for me is very very different. All the other times I didn't have certain factors like Kyson for example. Relationships are difficult but adding a child to the mix is an added challenge. I always found my boyfriend (Zach is his name) super attractive but at the time I was with my son's dad so obviously I didn't bother pursuing it. Plus, I felt like he'd probably never give me the time of day anyway. Boy, was I wrong. The moment I decided to just focus my energy on other stuff in my life is the exact moment he walked back into my life. He told me that he's always liked me but didn't pursue it because 1.i had a boyfriend 2.he didn't think I'd be interested. I found that ironic haha.

I feel like he read the list I made about what qualities I want in a man that I'd settle down with. He's every single thing on there. I prayed for something like this and I feel like it's really finally here. For a while I thought he was kidding but he made it clear that he was super serious. It feels like Christmas every time I open up an email from him. Right now, we're reading the same book. I think it's really cool especially since we're so far away from each other. This isn't the best of circumstances (since he's on deployment) but, I feel like it's definitely worth it, for sure. I can't wait until they find out when they can come home. I hope that I can be there when he gets back.

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