Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ello ello!

Man, I haven't written a blog since freakin livejournal/myspace days! But, I figure, SHYT why the hell not! I'm just as interesting as all these other hardcore bloggers and I could have my OWN following. And even if I don't I would still enjoy writing down my daily adventures. But, I'm not just going to focus on preparing for motherhood because there's more to my life than just that! There's school (which I absolutely love), my awesome friends, my family, my observations of various things, etc. But, all of that will be umbrella'd under the big picture which is... Someone's gonna call me mom! So, with that said I hope whoever reads this enjoys it and maybe I can brighten someone's day :-)

This morning instead of sleeping in since it IS Sunday I decided to get up and make breakfast for my whole family which consisted of my two little sisters, my wily grandmother, my dad and my stepmom. One of my best friends Elizabeth (a fellow foodie) posted a wall post to one of my other best friend's pages about these amazing creations called a Breakfast Cupcake (! So I decided to try my culinary hand at it. And I think they came out pretty good. In the first batch (which will be shown) I definitely put too much egg so they kind of exploded but the second batch definitely came out more normal. Either way, my family really liked it which makes me happy.

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