Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Monday Mondaaaaaay

Happy Monday, everyone!
I have to post from my phone during the week! Luckily, there's a convenient blogger app so now I don't have to struggle trying to get on the website through my phone!
So, I first just want to point out that I take public transportation every day. Some people are like "omg how can you do that!?" while others are like "heck yes, best way to go" Anyway, I've been riding the mbta since I was a wee lass and my allegiance to it is neverending. But, since I've returned to my beautiful I've noticed some things. One in particular that id like to share with you folks. The T (specifically the Red line) comes probably about every 3ish minutes. So why is it that even when people SEE that it's packed to capacity they still try to squeeze in as if there won't be another train coming right behind it? I've seen people literally have the doors CLOSE on their persons and they still refuse to just take their dumb ass off the train. Friggin hilarity.
Anyway, I just figured i'd share my observation about that. Now, on to the meat of this post!
Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that something BIG was going to happen in the near future but, you don't know what it is specifically but it's such a strong feeling that you can't help but feel excited!? Well, that's how I feel about 2012. You may be reading this like, "wtf is this bia talkin about!? Duh something big is gonna happen, you're having a BABY!!!!" But no, that's not what I mean. Obviously I know that having a baby is going to be HUGE but something else is going to happen. All my life I've had premonitions about various things and idk if it's the latino in me or if it's my grandmother's not-so-secret Santeria dabbling but usually I'm pretty dead on with this stuff. I had that feeling about a month before I got out of the Navy and now look at me! The day I got out was the day I learned how to smile again. It was the day I learned how to be happy (sometimes for no apparent reason at all). It was and continues to be the best feeling in the world! The military is definitely not for everyone and I knew it wasn't for me the day I got off that bus December 17th, 2008. But now, I'm back home, I'm having a son, going to school and I actually get to be with my family for christmas for the first time in 3 effin years!
Today I was talking to mi hermano (for all you non spanish speakers it means "brother") Jovy Yayo about my suspicions regarding 2012. He also just recently got out of the Navy too. Now, I am a firm believer in the phrase, "everything happens for a reason" and I truly believe that there is a HUGE reason why both of us are now happily living the civilian life and there is something gargantuan in store for us. Now maybe I've been watching too much of Queen Oprah's "Life Class" or maybe I've been just soaking up the mantra of my teacher Mr. Gavan a little bit too much but I think that if you believe in positive things then positive things will happen (not without effort on your part of course. Some people forget that!) So by this time next year I hope to writing in this blog to my thousands of followers letting them know that, "if you believe it, you can achieve it!" (corny, I know. But, you won't be saying that once good things start happening once you change your mindset)
In other news, while walking home from school today I decided to stop in the MAC portion of Macy's to try out some lipstick. In the past I've attempted to pick a shade that would compliment my skintone. Needless to say, I failed miserably, gave up and simply stick to my beloved Rose Salve from Bath & Body. So today, one of the MAC associates quickly picked one out for me. He said pink would look good and I was very skeptical of course but, let him "do me up". I got a lot of compliments on it. Man, I sometimes wish (wait let me stop lying, ALL THE TIME) that I could see myself through other people's eyes. I felt super self concious with it on! But I got used to it after awhile. Maybe I'll go back and get it one day.
And, in conclusion (gosh, I didn't think id have this much to say) today I was given a present for my baby boy! Guess what it was!? A "very hungry caterpillar" stuffed animal! I'm super excited about it because I totally made a baby cocoon (somewhat like a baby swaddle) and I chose this beautiful green yarn to represent the caterpillar. It came out really well! Haven't taken pics of it but I will when I finish the hood of it. I just thought it was such a cool coincidence that I got a VHC stuffed animal to match it! Below is my very first completed cocoon (YES, the model is my baby sister's American Girl Doll). Very proud of it considering that it was my first time!
Anywho, hope everyone had a good day and I am always taking donations for my journey of homebirth (my wonderful best friend Elizabeth actually shouted me out in her blog yesterday. It made me feel so special haha)
Until next time, Ciaoooo!

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